Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jason Noble interview

Where did you grow up? Is your family musical or artistic?
Hi. I grew up in Louisville... both my folks are involved in the arts. My mom is a school teacher and performed with bands & motet singing groups for years. She currently paints quite a lot, and has a really open mind about all kinds of music.
My step dad is a professional photographer (and teaches a digital photo class
at U of L). They both have helped me out on artistic projects over the years,
including shooting photos for several of our record covers.

What is your musical background / training?
I went to Manual in the Visual Art program and spent two years of college at The Maryland Institute (art school). I'd played music with a few close friends in high school, and then started playing with folks from a Baltimore conservatory (they took pity on me). It all kinda snow-balled (may I use that term? Can I say "snow-balled"?)... Thankfully I still play music with most of these kind-hearted humans. They are responsible for teaching me... and most importantly, being encouraging and rawkus.

Who are your musical favorites/inspirations?
My wife Kristin... our friend Miles who howls every morning.
Favorites... Film composer Howard Shore. Uzeda. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Crain. Slint. Run DMC. Liberation Prophecy. The Adventure. The Bug "London Zoo." Portishead "3rd." Extra Golden "Thank You Very Quickly."

What bands/projects are you currently involved with? How did you get
involved with them?

I'm a manager at ear X-tacy records and do sound production for the free concerts there... that actually does good things for the musical brain... keeps it fairly open.

SHIPPING NEWS (since 1996) with one of those same high school guys (beloved Mueller).
We have a show coming up in June at Skull Alley. Shipping News' music seems to be leaning on the "severed head" side of things lately, as opposed to our "softly goth" meanderings.

Uhm... Workin' on mixes for a record called THE YOUNG SCAMELS with Christian Frederickson, Greg King and local musician Amber Estes. It's the score from a production of "The Tempest" at ATL last year. Been working with Kevin Ratterman on a recording by the GOLD JACKET CLUB... I'm a huge fan of that band, and local heroes Auxiliary Records is releasing it this fall.

What do you hope to achieve with music?

I hope to make music that will haunt George Bush Jr. for the rest of his evil life. Payback. Thanks for enraging half the world. You don't just get to have your retirement with a big swanky Presidential library. You don't get free unlimited health care. You don't get to keep your mansions or multiple helicopters. Well, we all have to have a dream.

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