Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rebecca Dennison interview

Where did you grow up? Is your family musical or artistic?
Louisville. My mom & dad sang in a small choral group at church when I was little and my dad sang the occasional solo.

What is your musical background / training?
I took piano lessons as a kid, played the flute in band, etc. I've taken voice lessons off and on. I sang in the church children's choir and youth choir. I've been singing regularly at Sojourn Community Church as part of the worship team for the last few years.

Who are your musical favorites/inspirations?
This changes so often. I grew up pretty sheltered so I'm constantly "discovering" new favorites and inspirations that everyone else has known of for years. My current favorites are: Ella Fitzgerald (I love 20's/30's jazz), Odetta, and Bessie Smith (and other female roots/early blues singers). And when I get stuck in a rut melodically I like to listen to traditional Eastern Asian music.

What bands/projects are you currently involved with? How did you get involved with them?
I'm currently singing with the Sandpaper Dolls and I'll be singing with Jamie Barnes again soon. I know Jamie from Sojourn and I got connected with the Dolls through singing with him. Suki and Amber were talking about starting a band and Suki knew me from shows I had done with Jamie at the Jazz Factory.

What do you hope to achieve with music?
A lot of times I get caught up in hoping I impress people or hoping they'll think I'm cool, but ultimately, I hope to honor God with what I'm doing musically and just enjoy the ride.

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