Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dry the River: The LEO interview

Dry the River play tomorrow (May 23rd) at Uncle Slayton’s. LEO asked a few silly questions:

LEO: You’ve cited a love for Fugazi, who are my all-time favorite band. First, thank you. Second, what are your 13 favorite Fugazi songs?
Matt Taylor: The 13 songs on 13 Songs will be my answer.

LEO: Who’s worse: The Beatles, The Stones, or Mumford & Sons?
MT: What are we trying to achieve here? (laughs) There can be no worst when all candidates hold merit. Obviously, Mumford and Sons, but they’re great. But it’s Mumford and Sons. No, wait; The Beatles. What a load of old shit!

LEO: Which one of you lads smells best?
MT: I do. Me or Jonny. We shower at least twice a day. Never together. Sometimes at the same time. Not together.

LEO: If you could have lunch with any five women, who would they be?
MT: Rihanna – I think we could be friends, she seems cool.
Bjork – she would make great conversation and I love her accent, so I could listen to her talk for ages about the universe, taking the pressure off me.
Natalie Portman – clearly needs no explanation.
Alison Brie – My friend Oliver introduced me to “Community” last year. And we also spent a night watching the series “Hot Sluts”. Say no more.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – We’re all “Seinfeld” obsessives and I have always had a crush on Julia. She’s older than me and would be able to give me life advice, as well as looking great. Maybe she could advise me on how to keep looking great.
I think she would get on best with Bjork at the table.

LEO: Which bands, 10 or 20 years from now, will be heavily influenced by your music and will discuss you often in interviews?
MT: All music will have been done by then, won’t it? Maybe some new bands that just miss the nu-nu-folk comeback and then turn into a confused mess.

Thanks for the entertaining questions!

c. 2012 LEO Weekly

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