Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventure's gonna tump!

The singing-guitarist Medley brothers of Adventure, Phil and Josef, didn’t mind telling LEO about their new record, which will be celebrated with a release show at Zanzabar Friday at 9 p.m.

LEO: Tell me about this new record coming out. What should America expect to hear?

Josef Medley: A guy who eats his own vomit, December-May romance on a horse farm in Italy, an unwelcoming corner bar, a persevering inspector, and impending divorcees — with guitars!

Phil Medley:
And Canadians should probably expect the same.

How do you guys write? What inspires you?

JM: We take lyrics and subject matter pretty seriously. We’re constantly looking for situations, characters, bits of history that have a certain amount of resonance. Then you get out the tool kit and try to construct something! “Somebody throw me an A-minor! This B-flat doesn’t fit in the sub-chorus! The whole thing’s gonna tump!”

LEO: You’re known as a kick-ass live band. Why don’t more bands try harder?

JM: We’re too old to go out and see too many other bands — they tend to play awfully late. Maybe they should go to bed earlier.

PM: I always chalked it up to pre-show beverages. Is everyone else drinking White Castle coffee? You’d be surprised what that’ll do to a performance.

The band has 273 Facebook fans. What do you plan to do to become more popular than “Angry Birds”?

“Angry Birds”? Haven’t heard them play. Where are they from? We could maybe do a show swap with them. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll stick with the 5 Rs and 1 P.

Read, rite, record, rock, repeat. Wait a minute — that’s why we only have 273 fans! We always forget the P: Promote.

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