Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tonguing silver

Silver Tongues will release their debut album, Black Kite, on local indie Karate Body Records this month. What began as a solo project evolved to become a full band, including past and present members of Wax Fang, The Fervor, Cabin and Follow the Train. Leader David Cronin took a few minutes during his honeymoon to tell LEO about the band.

LEO: How did the band come together?
David Cronin: The band came together in the way that most bands come together, I imagine. I had written some songs, and I grabbed my friends and asked them to play the songs with me. It solidified when we were scheduled to bring the songs into the studio. At that point, I had (drummer) James (Hewett) and (bassist) Jake (Heustis) helping me to flesh out the songs. (Percussionist) Brian (Cronin) and (guitarist) Michael (Campbell) came a little bit after and rounded out the group.

LEO: What inspired the songs on the album?
DC: The songs were my reaction to the things that were happening in my life at the time — confronting changes internally and externally, thinking of the future, sadness, happiness, love ... a mixture of things encountered in everyday life.

LEO: What are your goals with this album?
DC: I wanted to take my ideas and thoughts and present them in a cohesive fashion. I wanted to get from point A to point B, in a sense. I knew that I had some good ideas, but I wanted to structure them and nudge them until they started rolling on their own. I had to let go of them and see where they ended up. It is funny because the finished product is not what I originally had thought it would be at all. But it is good to do that. Songs can surprise you.

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