Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pictureplane's choices

LEO spoke with Travis Egedy, the one-man band behind the “witch house” music.

LEO: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?
PP: Punk music for people who love house music. The sound of the earth breathing. Occult house music. Dark sexual pop music.

LEO: What inspires your songs? How do your surroundings inspire your music?
PP: I am inspired by lots and lots of things. Science and technology, contemporary art, mysticism, shamanism and the future of evolution of consciousness. Sexuality, gender and human beings. All these things fuel my art. I am very inspired by my surroundings and the various experiences I go through and situations that I find myself in. I am inspired by my lifestyle choices.

LEO: When writing, do you think about how the music will move people to dance? Think?
PP: Yes. I sort of intuitively look for a certain groove. A rhythm that your body understands and responds to. I want to move the body. But I also try not to think too much about other people when I am making my music; a lot of it is personal.

LEO: How much do you feel inspired by other forms of American pop or ethnic music genres?
PP: Well, I think pop music inspires everyone, whether they even listen to it or not. I would say I am inspired by pop cultural themes more so than the actual pop music that is on the radio or whatever. Current trends have always been a source of fascination for me. I have always been really in to rap and hip-hop music. That is still a big inspiration. And hip-hop is pop culture.

LEO: Do you consider your group more of a pop dance band or experimental electronic project?
PP: It is an art project, really. A performance art project that I also make the music for…

LEO: In the studio, how much do you try to capture your live sound? How free do you feel to experiment with sounds you might not be able to recreate live?
PP: When I am making a song, I don’t really think about how I am going to play it live. The “studio” and the performance aspect of what I am doing are pretty different. Yeah, there is a lot of experimentation while I am producing, but I keep the performance very free also.

LEO: What do you hate most about the music business?
PP: I wish the real artists had more money.

Pictureplane with Teengirl Fantasy, Gatekeeper and Nzambi
Thursday, July 28
2100 S. Preston St., 635-9227
9 p.m.

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