Monday, June 20, 2011

Sallie Ford gets a-rockin'

Portland, OR's Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside recently made a splash at the 2011 Bonnaroo festival, and are now headed up to Louisville. Their album, Dirty Radio, a modern mix of rock, boogie and honky tonky blues, was released last month to acclaim, alerting music fans to a favorite of the Avett Brothers and Jolie Holland.

LEO: How challenging is it for you to channel older sounds, from rockabilly to jazz and blues, and make it sound modern and relevant?
SF: I usually only let that type of music inspire me and try not to copy anything to much. I just see what comes out, and it's usually something vintage sounding mixed with modern.

LEO: What modern music gets you excited? How do you feel about rock music these days?
SF: I really like a lot of modern music. Sharon Van Etten and Deer Tick are some of my favorites right now. I think there could be more rockin' music out there, but then again, we wouldn't want too much competition. Haha, just kiddin'. Deer Tick can be pretty rock 'n roll and seem like bad asses.

LEO: Just how cute is your band? Do you get a lot of groupies?
SF: I think of them more as nerds, but I'm sure the day will come when there are groupies. As for now, we got our minds set out for doin' a heck of a job being a busy touring band.

LEO: You're father is a puppeteer, which, of course, is awesome. Coming from that family, was doing anything other than music or performing ever a consideration?
SF: I did think about being a film maker for a while. I liked the idea of creating something behind the scenes and making an art that is group based. Being in a band is a lot like that. I just let my alter ego take over and don't overthink the whole "performing" thing.

LEO: You worked in a Vietnamese restaurant before achieving musical success. Can you eat Vietnamese food now, or does it bring up too many memories?
SF: Haha, I never was much of a fan of "Pho", but I still do enjoy a good "Bun" noodle bowl, or a yummy Vietnamese crepe. I'm just happy to not have those waitress nightmares anymore, where I screw up everyones order.

LEO: You've lived in Asheville and now Portland, OR, and you've played Bonnaroo. How many hip hippies can one person be surrounded by?
SF: Just glad to be in Portland, as I have yet to witness a drum circle.

LEO: Have you been to Louisville before? Any impressions of us?
SF: I have not been there, but I have a good friend that just moved there and has great things to say! Also, we briefly drove through Kentucky last week, and they had the nicest rest stop/welcome center we have ever seen. Go Kentucky!

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside with Tamara Dearing
Thursday, June 23
8 p.m., $10
Uncle Slayton's
1017 E. Broadway

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