Thursday, June 16, 2011

JEFF the Brotherhood look for art

JEFF the Brotherhood is two brothers, rockin' Nashville natives who also spent time in Be Your Own Pet before heading off on their own adventure. Their new album, We Are the Champions, will be released on June 21. LEO caught up with drummer Jamin Orrall.

LEO: How much of your life have you spent on the road during the past decade? What do you do to keep it interesting?
JO: I've been on the road over half of the last ten years. It doesn't get boring, you are in a different place everyday, you meet people and good and bad stuff happens all the time.

LEO: You have a blog with lots of great photography of your travels. Who's the photographer? Is that another artistic outlet, or just a way to connect with fans?
JO: I take the pictures on our weblog. I just do it for fun and to keep people updated. It's a good way to remember where we were, too. I like to take pictures of snacks and dreadlocks.

LEO: How do you explain your music to people who haven't heard you? Do you say different things for older people?
JO: I just say that we are a rock band, to everyone. Party rock.

LEO: How much popularity and fame do you want to achieve? Is there a level where it could get to be too much?
JO: We just want to keep playing and touring and not have to work normal jobs. It's nice when lots of people like our music, but being really famous would probably be horrible.

LEO: What do fans do for you in different cities? Do they bring you gifts, make things for you, or just want to hang out?
JO: Sometimes they bring us snacks; normally they just want to hang. I wish they would make us drawings.

LEO: What do you hate about the music business? Like most?
JO: Hate rules, like playing music.

LEO: Brothers often fight, especially brothers in long-running rock bands. How do you guys do together?
JO: We fight every 5 minutes about everything, but we get over it really quick. We are just brutally honest with each other. We have to take someone on tour with us or we go crazy. We have never had a fist fight.

LEO: Louisville's not far from Nashville. Have you spent any time here? Do you have any observations or stories about being here?
JO: I haven't spent a lot of time there, but I like Kentucky, it's pretty.

JEFF the Brotherhood
with Cy Barkley, K Tranza, State Champion
Magnolia Bar & Grill
1398 S. 2nd St.
Sunday,June 19
8 p.m., $7 adv. / $10 DOS

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