Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Second Story Man bio

In 1998, the bohemian-suburban intersection of Louisville, KY, was rocked by the inhuman birth of Second Story Man. The band, named after a term for thieves, began as a revolutionary two woman / two man tag team tandem, a mash-up of 1967 idealism and 1977 DIY punk rock righteousness. In a town that has always reflexively run to the next hardcore show, Second Story Man's melodic, dynamic, heartfelt, independent, all ages rock & pop was destined to stand out. Today, 11 years later, they thrive as leaders and inspirations for citizens both older and younger. Justin Davis replaced Kelly Scullin on bass in 2004, but otherwise the power trio of drummer Evan Bailey and guitarists Jeremy Irvin and Carrie Neumayer have remained bonded together by music.

Having toured with influential favorites such as Sebadoh and Shipping News, Second Story Man continue to expand the parameters of the possible and the pogo-able. 2009's Screaming Secrets is their third full-length album and their first for Noise Pollution. Recorded with Kevin Ratterman (Elliott, Wax Fang) in his family's funeral home, it has been rumored that this album is their most definitive work to date.

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