Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's resolutions

I resolve to eat more donuts - especially the amazing Maple Glaze with bacon on top that they make over at Nord's Bakery in Germantown. Oh, and I also resolve to eat more Mo's Bacon Bars, available most affordably at Old Town Liquors. Chocolate and smoked applewood bacon... proof of a higher power if ever I've seen any.
I resolve to drink more Booker's True Barrel Bourbon.
I resolve to see as many movies as is possible shown by the Louisville Film Society, and everything interesting at Baxter Avenue Theaters, Village 8 and U of L's Floyd Theater.
Finally, I resolve to continue seeking out new and old, fun, interesting music from a variety of sources and not just listen to the same old 10,000 Maniacs disc over and over again.


Jessicakes said...

Have you ever taken a trip to flavor country? You haven't if Bacon Salt is not in your cupboard. Move over Lawry's! There's a new awesome seasoning in town. Now, if they would just mix it with the seasoning on Ollie's Trolleys french fries.

Anonymous said...

I am so eating one of those donuts tomorrow. Damn you Berkowitz and your siren song of bacon-y goodness!