Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nautical Fox bio

Louisville, Kentucky –

In the middle of the United States of America, in the uncertain days ever since Jaws hit the big screens, people have come to learn that anything can happen. Anyone who's had to drive for a few hours at a time can tell you that there's a lot of land out there, but we don't know how those people live. Or why, quite frankly. The land of bluegrass, and post-rock, indie rock, alt-country, progressive jazz, blue-collar metal and middle-class hardcore continues to surprise with sounds and smells unexpected from the city kind of next to Nashville. Nautical Fox, an atmospheric, British-feeling duo formed from Louisville's jazz and hardcore scenes, is the latest such surprise.

Ethereal, post-Factory scene groups like the Cocteau Twins and Lush come to mind, as well as otherworldly PMS-diva Kate Bush, with a subtle undercoat of experimental pop expats Scott Walker and Talk Talk buried close to the surface. Neither Kinghorse nor Slint come to mind as influences at any time, try as one might.

Patrick D. Hume and Amber Estes met in college and then began collaborating. Pat got his start as a bass player at age 13, and has been a member of the Louisville bands Lords (bass) and Piss Alley (bass). He has never played with My Morning Jacket. He switched to guitar recently. He currently is a member of Brain Banger (guitar).

Amber's background in music performance is more along the lines of the jazz scene. The singing started at age 3. The dentistry never started. Her Louisville bands include Liberation Prophecy, The Sandpaper Dolls and The Todd Hildreth Trio. She is also currently working with Rachel's.

Nautical Fox
was born from the desire to explore an acoustic/ folk/ pop/ experimental sound. Each song is written in such a way that it can be stripped down to 2 members in a performance situation, while also leaving room for additional members when possible.

Other band members are on rotation and include: Josh Jacob (bass), Jason Lawrence (drums), Jeremy McMonigle (drums), Kyle Neumann (drums).

-The 5 song demo includes the following tracks:
1. "HH3-1"
2. "Part III: The Mountain"
3. "14th Century Prison Cell"
4. "Dark Day"
5. "Disappear"

Bio authored by Peter Berkowitz in collaboration with Amber & Pat.

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