Monday, July 28, 2008

How to lose a lot of money in an hour or less

Today's Ville Voice has this report on the Forecastle Festival that founder JK McKnight asked me not to attend this weekend:

"It has (sic) hot and sticky, so the 300 or so fans who had come to listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak at the Forecastle Festival were trying to stay cool, but they weren't missing a minute of the impassioned environmentalist's speech."

This is why Captain JK got upset, BTW.

The capacity at Headliners Music Hall is 700 people so, any time you go see, say, Wax Fang, you're probably surrounded by twice as many people as that.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night I was thrilled to attend a unique and wonderful Bonnie 'Prince' Billy concert in a field that also had 300 friendly people in attendance. Tickets were limited to 300 because it was a private residence.

Below, you can spot me next to - ironically - Lebowski Fest co-founder Will Russell!

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