Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wedding Present

El Rey

Long one of the most underappreciated bands of the post-punk and indie rock eras, The Wedding Present continues to give us delightfully good records full of wonderful songs, and most of you unfortunate friends and neighbors will never get to hear them. I wish I could make mix CDs for all of you, really, I do, but I just can’t. Can you please just listen to me this one time? I promise they’re not weird or anything. They’re just English and, at this point, middle-aged.

Essentially, though, this is pop music, played with guitars and a bass and drums. OK, the guy singing (David Gedge) isn’t the "best" singer, in the Nat King Cole sense of the word ... man, do we have to go through this every time?

His lyrics are very clever and interesting little stories, like a modern day Ray Davies of the Kinks. For you younger hipsters, I hate to play the Albini card, but he recorded this disc, as he has recorded other WP discs before — he’s a fan, as was Cobain. The music pops and rocks, like the Buzzcocks, but with more texture and maturity.

They just never got enough promotion — here’s a little bit.

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