Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Retribution Gospel Choir

Retribution Gospel Choir
(Caldo Verde)

Alan Sparkhawk and Matt Livingston might want to think about building those ships that people put inside bottles. They seem to want to have a hobby. For most people, being in Low would be enough. Even after almost 15 years, Low remain one of the most beautiful bands around.
With this side band, presumably formed in the garage, the boys go back to the basics and just play some pretty basic rock music. Nothing special.

It’s well played by experienced professionals, but lacking in blood, spirit and heart. When Sparkhawk’s wife, Mimi Parker, occasionally pops in to add her vocals, they become Low, and all is forgiven. Producer Mark Kozelek does a fine job of recording the band, but one also misses his songwriting abilities.
I’m not mad, just a bit disappointed. I might be less forgiving if I’d had to pay for my copy, though.

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