Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kentucky Prophet interview

Where do you live?
I live in Fordsville, Kentucky. A small town about a half hour south of Owensboro, which is the closest "big" city in Kentucky. I live in a trailer with a family member like all good white rappers.

What is the Hip Hop scene like there?
Fordsville is more of a bluegrass/country town. Every Friday night, they have music at the local community center. I'm the only rapper in town, so I have to travel to perform.

What do you think about the East Coast / West Coast wars? Do you think Biggie & Pac will ever stop fighting with each other?
I hate it when talented people die over something stupid as a turf war or something equally insignificant. Biggie & Pac are not fighting anymore. Rather, they are chillin' in Rap Heaven, where all beefs go to die with the rappers who carried them.

Whom inspired you to become a Hip Hop artist?
I would say Public Enemy, because their albums inspired me to create, but the real answer is rock music, because it got so awful that I wanted to listen to something else. At least, mainstream rock which was all I knew at the time. "They got no balls, they got no roots." - Frank Zappa, 1965.

Do you get a lot of groupies?
I have a few girls who really like me and the music, but no backstage sluts.

What do you like to do with women?

Beyond the typical clinical/glandular stuff any boy likes to do with a girl, I like simple stuff. Spending quality time with someone special, whether that's going out or staying in and listening to music.

You emphasize your physicality in live performances. Can you describe your body to our readers?
Well, for starters, I have what some Britishers might refer to as a "stylish pot", or a pot belly. Some people have six-packs, I got the full keg. I'm about 6'2" with medium-length brown hair and hazel eyes. I have legs like tree trunks and arms like cannons. My belly is as pronounced as that of the average 9-months-pregnant woman.

Do you think that you exploit yourself?
The subject of my weight is the elephant in the room, so I think it's best if I exploit it for laughs rather than some heckler.

Do you think you'd have the level of popularity that you've achieved if you weighed 300 pounds less?
I'd like to think so. There's a certain amount of entertainment in watching me make a spectacle out of myself, but deep down I think people enjoy the musical and comedic aspects of what I do.

Do you have a favorite Kool Keith line or verse?

The most obvious one is "keep it real, represent what? My nuts", but I also like "You drive a Dodge truck - I don't believe you."

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